June 16, 2009

Gone Away Into the Land by Jeffrey Allen

The first chapter of the book sucks you in. But the second chapter spits you back out. That's kind of how the entire first quarter of the book is. It's written in two completely different worlds (literally). Half of the book is about John, Marny, The Beast (an abusive father) and their mother Ellie. The other half is about the Land, which really reminds me of Candy Land (the board game). It's strange really. You've got these two parts that don't really connect until about halfway through the book when they John and Ellie enter Candy Land, and the two sections are inseperable.

After John and Ellie finally get integrated into Candy Land, the book really began for me. Up until then (like 200 pages), I was reading through fairly quickly trying to keep up with all of the names and places in Candy Land. With Silfies, Siftars, Pursiers, and Tricossers it's pretty hard to keep it all straight especially when you're going back and forth between "The World" and The Land.

But once you've got a handle of who's who and what's what, the book is fascinating. I don't want to tell you a whole lot about the story in fear that I'll give away a lot of it, but it reminded me a lot of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory mixed with Lord of the Rings, and since I like both of those books, I really enjoyed it. The writing was solid and kept me interested in all of the different characters (and there are a lot), and the idea of a land of sweets was really intriguing.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a little more challenging read (that is completely worth it). Or anyone that likes fantasy mixed with reality. I would definitely pick up another book by Allen if given the chance.

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  1. Dear Britni,

    I could not say a thing after reading your review of GoneAway. I just sat back in my chair and thought, "this reviewer got it." There have been many reviews written, but yours was by far one of the best of the best. Yes, GoneAway is a difficult book. I meant it to be. But it is a rewarding book when you reach that place where it all comes together.

    I wanted my readers to experience the difficulties of the journey John, the main character encounters while traveling further and further into a separate reality.
    I am very happy you enjoyed the book. I hope you will be kind enough to post your review on Amazon and Barnes&Noble so more people will consider reading GoneAway Into the Land.
    Please feel free to contact me through my website.
    Thank you again,

    Jeffrey B. Allen


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