May 27, 2009

Principle of the Path by Andy Stanley

I received this book to read and review through the Thomas Nelson's Book Review Blogger Program. It's one of the first non-fiction books I've read in a long time, and it made me want to start reading more informational type books because this was thought-provoking for me.

This book is about what Stanley calls "The Principle of the Path." Basically the principle he sets out in the book is that the decisions you make determine your destination. He goes on to explain the more intricate details of this principle such as the fact that we tend to sway towards the things that grab our attention and that in order to be where we want to be in our lives, we need to make the decisions that will get us there not just think about what we need to do to get there.

So I know this doesn't sound that compelling but for me it was eye opening for the sake that it reminded me that no matter how good my intentions are, it doesn't do any good unless I take action on those intentions. I'm not going to lose weight if I just think about how I should not eat that second piece of cake (or first for that matter), and I won't strengthen relationships if I only think about calling up that old friend. Stanley uses a lot of real-life examples that really brought all of his points home for me, and I've definitely started thinking more about where I spend my time and the decisions I make since I read this book.

One of the last parts of the principle is that sometimes we just need to allow ourselves to be directed by God's will for us rather than trying to decide what's best for ourselves. Stanley really demonstrates this point well as a final culmination on the principle that comes around full circle- our decisions determine our destination, but the destination we're trying to reach should ultimately be determined by God. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone really because do you know anyone that's really in the exact place they want to be in all parts of their life? We could all use a little guidance on making good decisions. 4 stars.

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