April 27, 2009

Shadows Still Remain by Peter de Jonge

In Shadows Still Remain Peter de Jonge (as in the frequent James Patterson co-author) creates O’Hara a beautiful, rash and ambitious detective. O’Hara “catches” her first murder case and is determined to work it so much so that she breaks all the rules of professionalism and police protocol. As she learns more about the victim, Franseca Pena, “the undisputed star…whose approval and messy snorts of laughter the others vie for”, each new clue only begets more questions. Out of her league and damaging her career, O’Hara doggedly pursues the only avenue of redemption—solving her case.

Peter de Jonge unsurprising reads much like James Patterson. You’ll find the same page turning elements and suspenseful drama amongst colorful descriptions like, “slushy rain slobbers all over the roof, and O’Hara tracks a fat brown droplet down the windshield.” De Jonge however has gone darker and delivers a better than average police procedural story. If you novelized a Law and Order SVU script, you’d have the gist. The book is loaded with surprises and is a tough to solve who done it. The title is apt, as it leaves the reader with many questions and unresolved story lines, and one can only conclude that this may be the beginning of an exciting series.

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