April 14, 2009

Fall on Your Knees by Ann-Marie MacDonald

This is the story of a family in Nova Scotia during the Great War and the Depression. A very strange family. On the front of the book there is a quote that compares it to something by John Irving. When I saw that, I thought to myself, "that means there's incest." Then I dismissed that thought and decided it must refer to something else. But I turned out to be right.

The thing is, when John Irving writes about incest, as he almost always does, he writes it in such a way as to almost make it seem understandable, forgivable. I think MacDonald did try to do that, owing to the tone of humor and nonchalance she adopts when addressing that situation, but she failed. It was awkward, reading this situation and getting the idea that you're just supposed to be okay with it all. There's also a lesbian aspect, and that goes over much better than the incest did.

Otherwise it was interesting reading. Not impossible to put down, not life changing, not something I'd read again, but interesting.

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  1. So what is it lately with you and lesbian themes? ;-)

    I have never read John Irving. But I do enjoy reading books about strange families!


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