March 6, 2009

Book Crossings

Yesterday at the library I found a book in the "magazine exchange" bin, The Manhattan Hunt Club by John Saul. It has a sticker in the front that says "Travelling Book! I'm not lost... I'm on a journey! Pick Me Up! It's fun! It's free! It's serendipity in action! Please don't leave me here. You'll wonder what might have been- maybe not now, but soon, and for the rest of your life."

It was a book that had been registered with From the website:

Grab a book, any book.

Register it with and jot its unique BookCrossing ID (BCID) down in the book, along with the website url Get nifty labels here or here. If it's already a BookCrossing book, you can skip this step.)

Read your book and then use the BCID to make a journal entry on it. You�ll find a place to do that here on the home page or through the link on the left side bar

Release the book out into the wild and wait for it to write home to you. (You can also give the book to a friend, send it on a book ring etc-- just be sure to make a release note on it when you send it off into the world.)

I remember reading about this a long time ago and wondered if I'd ever come across a book that had been "released." And now I have, and I joined the group myself so I can release some other books. It was interesting to enter the ID number and read the journal entries of the people that read this book before me and released it around the city.

Has anyone else come across any bookcrossing books?

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  1. I've never heard about that...but that's an interesting idea!


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