February 4, 2009

Library Lovers Month

Did you know that February is Library Lovers Month?

Neither did I, until I read about it in a magazine I picked up recently. But it seems like something I could get behind...I love books and love going to our local library. However, our local library has had to cut back on hours and services this year because of budget cuts. I think that is sad, because libraries offer the public something I believe is extremely important....access to a wealth of knowledge. For free.

Curious about how you can show your love for your library? Click here.

So tell me. Do you go to your local library very often? What do you use your library for? What would you do if all the libraries in your area had to close for good?


  1. To answer my own questions...Emma and I go to our library about once a week and take out about two tote bags worth of books and magazines at a time. I always pick up a new cookbook or two to try out, before I decide whether or not I want to buy it. I would go nuts if libraries had to close for good. :-)

  2. I love my library because there are no late fees. They also have a very comprehensive online catalog, it's easy to place holds on books and such. They also have great music and story programs. I go probably every other week.

  3. No late fees? That'd be nice!

    I didn't use a local library for many years when I was in college, but I went back sometime last year. I primarily use it to borrow audio books to listen to in the car...there's no way I could afford all those audio books! I also borrow books that I wouldn't necessarily buy, or to check them out before I buy them.


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