January 17, 2009

Rex by Cathleen Lewis

I started reading Rex by Cathleen Lewis a couple of days ago and had a hard time putting it down to do my other reading. I had no idea I would enjoy it as much as I did.

Cathleen Lewis is a gifted writer and has a wonderful story to tell, the story of her son, Rex. I felt along with her as she agonized over the realizations that her son not only was blind, but autistic. She and the team of specialists at his preschool for the blind struggled to get him to eat, to engage, and to walk. He was incredibly sensitive to every noise, every touch, yet this was all different when you put him behind a keyboard. There he was free to be himself, to express himself musically, playing songs from the Beatles to Bach. Through the help of several music teachers, his incredible natural talent was encouraged as he was able to learn and play complicated pieces as well as transpose key and style, creating wonderful new pieces.

The story isn't merely Cathleen's journey with her son, but her journey towards God. Through the incredibly hard years, God was continually drawing her to Himself. This testimony only adds to what was already a beautiful and emotional story.

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