January 4, 2009

Perfect on Paper (The Misadventures of Waverly Bryson)

Perfect on Paper by Marie Murnane is a light and fun read that kept me hooked from the beginning to end. Waverly Bryson was days away from her wedding to wealthy Aaron Vaughn when he told her that he wasn't sure if he actually loved her and called the wedding off. Her life suddenly went from perfect to pointless. The year after the breakup she goes through the motions of living her life as a big-time sports agent and hanging out with her best friends.

The book really starts to pickup when she meets a new crush, Jake, at a convention. They hit it off right before she rushes to the bathroom to throw up. She sees him at a party a little while later with another woman on his arm and barely talks to him, but you know in the back of her mind that little crush never goes away. Meanwhile back at work she's losing ground to her most despised colleague who sucks up constantly to the boss.

I'm not quite sure what it was about this book that made it such a good read, but I found it hilarious and very relatable. With a name like Waverly Bryson, how can you not like the main character? Maybe because all of us have had those moments where we embarrass ourselves in front of a crush or feel like nothing is going to work out. Throughout the book Waverly writes out "Honey Do" notes about her experiences, and these were my favorite part of the book by far (even though the rest was great as well). The "Honey" notes are all things like:

Ever wonder why the new girl at work seems to hate you so much?
Honey, think back to the angst of the highschool lunchroom. Then offer her a seat at your table.

The book is a lot deeper than it sounds at first. It's not just your typical chick-lit; it has a lot of these fun little ancedotes that really make you stop and think for a minute before moving on to the next funny adventure in Waverly's life.
I would definitely recommend this one to anyone that enjoys reading a good, clean, and funny novel. There's something for everyone in the book, and I couldn't put it down.


  1. Thanks! Next time I run across this one I'll have to pick it up.

  2. Great review. I have been wanting to get this one ever since Nancy at Bookfoolery and Babble reviewed it. Now I really want it. :)

  3. Now this sounds like my kind of book! I always love books that are funny but then at the same time meaningful. And those "Honey" notes sound really interesting :)

  4. I got this book from the author and I loved it! It made me laugh out loud. She published this one herself and is looking for a publisher still. I really hope she finds one, and soon, because I am anxious to read more from her. Nice review!


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