January 30, 2009

Parting the Water by Jeanne Damoff

If you've ever felt ready to give up and lose hope, this book is for you. Or if you've doubted God's hand in your life, this is for you. This is a true story about a family's struggles after their son suffered a near-drowning experience, and they were told he would never come out of a vegetative state.

Jeanne Damoff's Parting the Waters is not one I would have ever picked up off the shelf, but after reading it, I'm glad I did. I was offered the opportunity to review this book as part of a blog tour. The book is a true story about Jeanne and her family and their experiences after her son Jacob suffers from a near-drowing accident. Throughout their experience, doctors and therapists told her that Jacob would definitely be brain dead and live the rest of his life in a vegetative state. She was even offered the option of pulling the plug at one point. But Jeanne and her family chose to fight.

And fight they did. The book has very Christian undertones, and Jeanne and her family lean heavily on God for support and hope in this difficult time. Many of the chapters are based on the blessings they've received through their own prayers and the prayers of others. The story really was an amazing one, and I cheered along with Jacob every time he met an accomplishment like learning to walk, talk, and swallow. The fact that it was a true story made it that much better.

I would recommend this book to anyone that's ever struggled with something difficult in their lives and wanted to give up hope. It really reminds you that nothing is ever too bad to handle with the help of those around you.

For more reviews of Parting the Waters, check out the other blog tour participants. Or you can check out Jeanne's website for more information on her story.

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