January 6, 2009

2008 in Review

Now that 2008 is o-vah (I had to type it that way because that's how I said it in my head. Pardon my strange mood), I'd love to hear what was your favorites and dislikes of 2008.

What was your favorite book you read in 2008?

Were any books so good that you reread them in 2008?

What was your least favorite book you read (or attempted to read) in 2008?

Was there a new author you discovered that you can't wait to read more of?

What was the biggest disappointment of 2008, book-wise?


  1. 2008 for me was the year of Terry Pratchett. I'm so glad I found him and wish I could get more people to read him. Least favorites was The Washingtonienne, biggest disappointment was Sideways.

  2. 2008 was the year of starting to read for me. I picked up a lot of new authors and started getting sent books from random authors. My favorites were probably some Jodi Picoult's, Perfect on Paper, and Julie Lessman.


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