October 14, 2008

New Blog Design

Hello fellow bookworms!

I am starting to receive installation payments for our new blog design, but before I put in an order to Summer I would like to get your input as to what our new theme should be!

So tell me...what are your suggestions for our new look? Do we want a flowery, feminine design? Something with a modern feel? Or plain, neutral colors?

Leave your suggestions in the comments, and I'll get the order in this weekend!


  1. I'd like something warm and fuzzy. You know, leather, coffee, a crackling fire. :)

  2. and a cat. We need at least one purring cat to sit in our laps and prevent us from getting up from our reading.

    And we need an expandable post widget.

    and a recent comments feed widget.

  3. yes! a big fluffy orange one that sheds everywhere and purrs like a semi.

  4. I like the idea of a leather chair, coffee (I can at least pretend it's hot cocoa), and a fire, but a cat? Seriously? Come on! =)

    As far as colors, how about deep colors like deep blue, brown, tan...

  5. Oh, and this may be obvious, but there should be a book in the design somewhere. =)

  6. I like the idea of warm and cozy as well but in a feminine sort of way. I'll get you my check soon, sorry!! I just keep hoping that I'll be able to give it to you personally instead of sending it in the mail.

  7. I'm all for the warm and cozy and deep colors. Not too sure about the cat though! :)

  8. I'm allergic to cats, so no cats. :-)

    So here's what I have so far:

    1. A warm, inviting color scheme...brown and pink?

    2. A woman in a plush leather chair beside a fireplace reading a book.

    3. A table beside her with a cup of coffee....steam wafting...

    4. How about a laptop next to the cup of coffee?

    5. I really like the idea about the expandable blog widget.

    Anything else?

  9. Once we get the new layout, I'll install the better comment widget. I didn't realize (couldn't find) there was a better one out there.

    I'm not a huge fan of the expandable post widget, but if that's what the masses (meaning you) want, then I'll code it, too.

  10. Wow. I had never heard of virtual allergies . . .

    I can hardly conceive of reading without a purring cat.


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