October 8, 2008

Humility by Andrew Murray

Humility: The Journey Toward Holiness by Andrew Murray is a classic Christian work. It's a small book on a big topic.

This is a book I needed, but probably didn't get enough out of. I struggle with pride in my own accomplishments, but it's a tough thing to tackle, and certainly not something I can do on my own. Murray's premise is that we need to be humble because it "becomes us as creatures; it becomes us as sinners; and it becomes us as saints." Good point.

The one problem that I have with this book is that he oversimplifies the issue. He states that every other sin comes from a lack of humility. While that's a big part of it, I don't think that's our biggest, most defining sin. I follow Jerry Bridges in thinking that ungodliness is our greatest sin: simply factoring God out of the equation. This is a broader category than just pride (though pride is definitely ungodliness).

Nevertheless, this is a great book for a Christian to read devotionally.

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  1. ungodliness is a form of pride, because it is thinking we can handle life without God - that we have no need for Him. True humility knows how much we need God and does whatever it takes to find Him.


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