October 22, 2008

Greater Than You Think by Thomas Williams

Thomas Williams's Greater Than You Think is a response to many of the recent atheist books, including Christopher Hitchens's God is Not Great, Richard Dawkins The God Delusion, and Sam Harris's Letter to a Christian Nation. Williams attempts to ask 27 questions that the atheists often raise and answer them in a few pages each.

I do believe it's a bit backwards of me to read a response before the initial writing, but I had this on hand and don't yet have my hands on any of the other books, though I do want to read at least one of them.

The best point that Williams' makes, I believe, is that "No one writes angry books about other phenomena in which they do not believe" (p. xiv). The origin of atheism is certainly an interesting topic, but not one of the book nor of this review.

I think that Williams asks the right questions and provides decent answers for them. My only issue is that I'm not interested in defending religion as a whole, but the existance and preeminence of the only true, holy God as presented in His Word, the Bible. This was not Williams's aim though.

I know that there have been other Christian responses to these works, and my guess is that one or two of them are probably better than this one. Though this book is very concise and can help a Christian have a good place to begin when wanting to speak to these apologetical issues.

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