May 21, 2012

Prison Nation by Jenni Merritt

Millie 942B has been in prison her entire life.  Born to Lifers, she knows nothing of the outside world... only what the prison school has taught her.  She lives in Nation, formerly known as The United States in the 2020's.

The Nation has strict laws that are harshly enforced in order to keep the outside safe and structured.  As a result, the country had to build four mega prisons on each corner of the country to hold everyone.  There are more people in than out.

But prison life is all Millie has ever known.  As she approaches her 18th birthday, she has to face the reality of leaving her parents and the only life she understands.  She has to prove herself a good citizen in front of a panel which includes a judge, the warden, her psychiatrist, a guard and her future employer... they must all come to a consensus that she'll be "the good... the strong" and an asset to Nation.

But what she finds upon her release is not quite what she expected.  Life is not as just as she thought.  Lies are covered and corruption is king.  Seems like whether in or out, you're always in a prison.   Will Millie find safety and finally be free?

This book was a lot like 1984.  It was a quick read and really good for YA... high-schoolers would eat this up!  I enjoyed this book very much, but sometimes the writing was a little repetative and the story became a little tooooo coincidental... it all tied up nicely, but that would never happen in real life.  Overall, if you enjoy dystopian fiction, pick it up!  It wont disappoint!

3.5 stars
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