October 31, 2011

The Brand New Book Nook Club

I've been wanting to change the design of Book Nook Club for a long time but never wanted to pay the money necessary for a custom design. So when I found out how much Jeannette at Crafty Hippo Designs charged for her custom designs, I jumped at the shot to work with her.

And I'm so glad I did because Jeannette was fantastic. I'll admit that I am a terrible customer because not only am I demanding and nit-picky, but I always have a picture in my mind of what I'm looking for, but I'm not great at articulating that picture. There's a reason I'm a project manager and not a designer. Jeannette was able to take my jumbled notes and put something together that I love. And a design that I think works with a new direction for Book Nook Club - the same great authors writing the same great reviews but with new features like weekly giveaways and blog parties.

If you're looking for a new blog design, I would highly recommend Crafty Hippo Designs. Jeannette believes that a makeover is a luxurious and relaxing event and that your blog makeover process should be a pampering experience. And for me, it definitely was. I gave her notes and she turned those notes into something beautiful. She can do everything from custom FaceBook pages to custom buttons to full blog designs. You can check out some of her previous designs here.

And the best part is that her prices, unlike many blog designers out there, are extremely reasonable. Her designs are normally priced at $30 for the Relaxing package, $50 for the Glamorous package, and $70 for the Luxurious package with all the bells and whistles but right now she is offering you a 20% discount off all her design services! That means you can get a complete custom blog design for as little as $24 if you head over to her site today and fill out her design order form!

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