August 15, 2011

The Paladin by Ken Newman

Wowee!  The Paladin is a ride.  Not only is it a humorous and fun read but it's very original.  This book follows the mission of one Maggie Black, paladin extrodinare, on her quest to stop a devoted husband from lifiting a curse put on his wife that has kept her entrapped for hundreds of years.  Oh - did I mention the wife is a supernatural demon who has the power to destroy the world?  Or that her husband uses witches and shape-shifters to stop Maggie?  And how about the fact that Maggie works for an angel named Larry and owns a sword that's really a demon?  And the fun just starts there.  Wait until you meet the hypocritical town preacher or Silas Cole, the once-thought murderer who is actually the worlds savior? 

The Paladin is pure entertainment.  Nothing really deep.  My only critiques would be the cover art (not a good representation of the book) and the characters are slightly shallow (but I was so excited to read the next page that it didn't bother me one bit).  Read this book for the pure joy of reading or for a laugh.  It's easily picked up, put down, and picked up again.  If you like fantasy set in the real world, stories featuring a strong female lead, characters that span the range of human personality, even action set to an intriguing background, try The Paladin. 

Recommended for older teens and adults.  4.5 stars!

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