June 24, 2011

This Paper World by Jeff Lane

This Paper World by Jeff Lane tells the story of a typical college guy finding out he's not so typical after all.  Jim Hunt is experiencing life away from home in South Florida, when he begins to have nightmares that will lead him to his true destiny.  While on winter break back home, he meets with his old neighbor who tells him he was made for something more, something greater than this earth has to offer... he's a Champion.  He realizes that what he thought was just fun games of shooting and endurance with his neighbor, Park, was really training for who he would one day become.  Problem is, Jim isn't sure he wants to be a Champion.

The life of a Champion is one of extreme danger and risk.  Jim realizes that there is evil at every turn and must protect the world from the Spoilers' evil doings.  A Champion always fights for what is right and is willing to risk everything to protect it... even his life.

For me, this story was a big miss.  I think there is a pretty decent plot here, but there is a lack of depth which is disappointing.  Champions are good, Spoilers are bad... the end.  But why?  Just because.   There are no twists, turns or surprises... everything pans out the way you expect it to.  There are also many scenes that are inconsequential to the plot... it just seems like filler.  And there are also some loose ends that never get tied back up.

But, that would all be endurable, if not for the horrendous lack of editing... I mean HORRENDOUS!  There were typos and grammatical errors on every.single.page.  About halfway through I wondered if Lane had even re-read his own work?!  How could he possibly miss sooooo many mistakes?  And believe me, I am NO editor... so I'm sure there's even more than what I found.

My recommendation to the author would be to pull this book from Amazon.  It is not fair for your readers to spend any money on this unfinished work... even if it is only $2.99.  You need to hire a GOOD editor and fix a whole lot of mistakes and also beef up the story a bit.  There definitely is something there, but it is FAR from complete.

2 Stars

*This book is currently available only in e-book format*

I received this book free of charge for review purposes and this is my honest opinion. 

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