March 24, 2009

Save The Best For Last by Kim Hanks

There are days that I love being sent books to read and review and days that I hate them. Today was one of the days I hated it. This could be one of the worst books I've ever read. Normally I can pick out at least a few good things to save a book, but I almost couldn't finish this one (and it's less than 100 pages). I felt like I was reading a story written by an elementary school kid who doesn't understand how to write complex sentences. It was like the author just wrote down everything they were thinking without thinking about what they were writing. An example- "Some times Zwick would feel as if he was only three inches tall because Kent who was once his friend had behaved in this abominable way to separate him from Whitney." It was seriously just painful to read. The only thing worse than the writing was the plot. Here's the plot.

1. Girl's mom is in a car accident because of an evil curse on the town. Girl is depressed.
2. Girl meets boy whose parents also died. Girl and boy become best friends and like each other.
3. Boy's friends also like girl.
4. Boy doesn't tell girl he likes her. Girl falls for boy's friend, and they get engaged.
5. Girl's father hires boy's other friend (not girl's fiance) to kill fiance.
6. Friend shoots everyone at school and blames on boy who's put on trial for murder.
7. Friend gets caught and is given death penalty.
8. Dead friend comes back and haunts town, killing everyone.

I'm not joking. That's really the storyline. Horrible huh. I'm just glad it was only 100 pages because I couldn't have taken much more. I do not recommend this book to anyone.


  1. Okay the book may have been bad, but your review was hilarious! I love the plot summary, especially that last one. :D

  2. Thanks for your time reviewing it but that's my book.

  3. Thanks for being honest, Britni!

    Kim: I can't imagine what it's like to read reviews like this about your own book.


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