March 24, 2009

Deep Thinking the Human Condition by S.A. Odunsi

This book reminded me why I'm so glad to be out of school. I hate reading text book type of novels. This book was an information book that reminded me way too much of a text book. This book is about about PUC's (persistently underdeveloped countries) and how they've never been able to achieve their full potential. One item greatly discussed in this novel is the importance of higher education, especially based on the Western education format.

The book was okay, but I didn't find it particularly interesting. The writing was slightly dense, too dense for me. It may just not have been subject matter that I enjoyed, or it was a text book so I kind of zoned out. Either way, I don't really recommend this book unless you're looking for something of this nature. There are better reviews at Amazon from people that seem to understand the subject matter a little better. Good luck if you pick this one up.

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  1. While I am always interested in reading social and political books like this, I do not believe I would read this one. I don't think "western" education system is the answer to an underdeveloped countries problems. Education is one answer, yes, but not particularly our brand of it.


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