July 8, 2008

Stolen Moments by B.J. Daniels

Stolen Moments by B.J. Daniels is about a senator's daughter, Levi, who gets kidnapped because she happens to look like another woman who is dead. Of course in true Harlequin romance, Levi and her kidnapper, Seth, end up falling in love.

This book is very fast pasted and lot happens in a short period of time with very little foul language.

From the back cover:
"Some men have sex appeal. Seth Gantry has it in spades. With ebony hair and bottomless eyes, Seth was the kind of man Olivia "Levi" McCord's father warned her about - and the last man on earth she'd ever fall for. Especially when the sinewy cowboy kidnapped her.

Seth claimed to be her bodyguard and that he needed to take her to a safe house. But when the Montana mountain cabin blew up, he became all that stood between Levi and an untimely death. Running for their lives and with no one to trust, Levi was at the mercy of the sexiest man she'd met. Suddenly she wasn't certain whether the real danger came from the killer on her trail...or the virile cowboy who'd vowed to keep her alive."
If you like romance novels that are heavy on the romance, then you would like this book.


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