May 14, 2008

The Washingtonienne

Jessica Cutler got her 15 minutes of fame about three years ago, when she was exposed as the blogger writing anonymously about her promiscuous lifestyle in Washington D.C. I remember reading about it in the news at the time, and being disappointed that the blog had been taken down.

I'd completely forgotten about this, but then I saw her book at the library, remembered, and grabbed it. I was especially interested in it from the point of view of a fellow blogger. I wanted to see if someone whose only qualification was a sensational blog could pull off a book.

The answer? No. She can't.

The book reads like one long blog entry. A blog entry written by someone that never got beyond 5th grade, but somehow managed to obtain a degree from a good university. It basically reads like this, "Like, oh my God, that guy was totally scoping her out. And she was like, dude! And I was like, dude! And so he bought us each a drink, but we totally hadn't dropped enough e yet for him to be cute. But we went home with him anyway and had like this totally raunchy threesome where we had to do anal and stuff. But he gave us this huge stash of coke so it was all good." I kid you not.

Reading this book was like watching the WTC fall. So extremely tragic and horrifying, but you just can't look away, because it is so tragic and horrifying. Here's this pretty girl, who presumably has a brain, but she lost track of it at some point so she could concentrate on abusing drugs, alcohol, and sex. You think that by the end she will have made re-thought her life, but the only realization she makes is that she can make money off of her story. There's a very laughable scene where she's telling her therapist that the only thing that keeps her going is the thought of her next orgasm. The therapist tells her, "oh no, you just have a high sex drive. That's totally normal!" You have got to be kidding me.

There are only two semi-redeeming items of interest regarding this book. Cutler very briefly touches on the methods Senators use to ignore and placate their constituents. And she equally briefly agonizes over the possibility that she may be addicted to blogging. Otherwise I would only recommend this book to give you a self-esteem boost. Because no one can be as bad off as this woman.

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  1. Yeah, why is that? When a juicy blog is discovered it is taken down? I remember this news story very well. And I remember thinking, these are the people running our government?


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