May 31, 2008

Book Review: Girl from the South

This is the first book I've attempted to read by Joanna Trollope. I had heard a lot of good reviews on her other works, so I was excited when I found this one at our local used book store. Girl from the South takes place in - surprise! - the South. Charleston, to be exact. Here is a summary from a publisher's website:

Joanna Trollope has earned something of a reputation for her examination of contemporary domestic dilemmas. In Girl from the South she turns her attention to a younger generation, exploring the emotional legacy bequeathed by parents to their children, the modern preoccupation with romantic love and the consequences of freedom. Set partly against the backdrop of traditional close-knit family life in the American South and partly in London’s flat land, the novel follows the lives of a group of single young people, each trying to find their way to fulfilment in an ever more complicated world.

I did not get very far into this book. As a matter of fact, I only made it to chapter 5 before I became terribly bored with it. In four chapters nothing had was so boring! The characters were boring. Their conversations were confusing and boring. I did not care about the characters, and so I didn't want to waste my time reading anymore of it then I already had. Back to the bookstore it goes!

Thankfully, I have read on that many people had the same reaction, so whenever I find another book by her I will probably try it out. But do yourself a favor and don't bother with this book!


  1. I don't think I could get past her last name. :P

  2. Yeah I know....but supposedly the Trollopes are a huge literary family in Britian.


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