February 11, 2008

Book Review: Revelations of a Single Woman

While this book is probably not strictly applicable to many of our current readers, I thought I would still post about it here. It's particularly

Connally Gilliam details in this book what she has learned from a life of being "unintentionally single." I love that term, as it perfectly describes where I am. I didn't intend to be single, but here I am. However, I agree with her subtitle as well: "loving a life I didn't expect." While this is not the life that I had anticipated, it has been full of more blessings than the life according to my plan would be.

While I feel like Connally may be at times a little too loose with her theology, I overall can agree with her premise for writing. Often I wouldn't know where she was coming from, but by the time she got to the point in the chapter, she hit it just right.

Connally does an excellent job of using stories from her life to introduce and teach the concepts she wants to get across in a friendly, non-preachy way. Her writing style is excellent and makes for a very light reading, even though she talks about serious heart issues.

I recommend this book with only slight reservations to any woman who is single, or would like to reach out to a single woman they know.

Fellow contributors, can you think of any relationship or love books you might be able to review this week for Valentine's Day? If you are not yet a contributor but would like to be, email me at thereaderscircle@gmail.com.

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