February 9, 2008

Book Review: Deception Point

Deception Point is written by the same author of The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown. I really enjoyed this book. The original storyline, the political intrigue (it's set in the time frame of a presidential election), and the characters.

Rachel Sexton is a intelligence analyst and the daughter of a senator running for President. The current President enlists her help in authenticating a new find by NASA, which will change the entire world.

Rachel travels to Arctic to investigate this new find. What she ends up finding though is nothing she could have ever imagined. It's a deception of the highest powers. Rachel goes on any extraordinary adventure including running from a team of assassins and falling in love. I don't want to give too much away.

One thing I liked about the story is that it is very fast paced. Everything happens in the span of 1 day, except for the very end, which happens on the next morning.

I would highly recommend this book if you like adventure and learning new things. In the author's notes, Dan Brown writes that the governmental agencies and technologies he writes about really do exist.

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  1. The only Dan Brown I've read is the obvious Da Vinci Code. I really wasn't impressed by his writing or the "thrill" of his book.


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