Applied Christianity
Applied Christianity is a homeschooling mother of two. She enjoys Christian fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, and books with happy endings. She also enjoys books meant for children (sometimes more than those meant for adults). Some books she has really enjoyed are The Daily Bible (NIV with F. LaGard Smith), The Mysterious Miss Slade by Dick King-Smith, In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day by Mark Batterson, Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs, Paradise Valley by Dale Cramer, and The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart.

Bee spent her childhood summers immersed in the stacks of the library and it left a mark on her.  She loves fiction of all genres, from science fiction to romance.  Some of her favorite authors include Neil Gaiman, Lois McMaster Bujold, Christopher Moore, Jennifer Cruisie, Robin Hobb, Jim Butcher, Patrick Rothfuss, and Kurt Vonnegut.  She also has a mostly humorous blog about her life and raising at toddler at


Betsy Haynes has been telling lies all her life and loving it.  She has published 80 juvenile and young adult novels, and her 80th was just released exclusively as a YA paranormal eBook titled To Die For by One of her five book series, BONE CHILLERS, became an ABC Saturday morning children’s television series.  She traveled to Hollywood to film public service announcements which aired after each episode.  Her young adult mystery, DEADLY DECEPTION, was named an ALA Quick Pick, and the New York Public Library Books for the Teen Age. THE GREAT MOM SWAP was on the Texas Lone Star Reading List and became an ABC Saturday Night Movie. Betsy teaches online juvenile and young adult writing courses for adult writers through UCLA Extension.  She lives in Texas with her writer/artist husband Jim and is owned by a rescued greyhound named Miller.  For more on Betsy, go to her web site: 

From the time she was two years old, Bridget had a fascination with the written word. Even before she could read, she loved books and would often demand that her parents read the same stories over and over. As she grew, she devoured books by the hundreds (Baby Sitters Club and American Girl, mostly) before moving on to Stephen King and Dean Koontz when she was a teenager. Near the end of college, she finally began to see the merit of reading the classics and embarked on a project to read through the list "1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die." Now, at 22, she has graduated from Boston College and works ridiculously long hours for the American Cancer Society, but still finds time to read and write reviews at her personal book blog,

Britni (Playful Professional)
Britni has been reading for as long as she can remember. While other kids were playing outside in elementary school, she was writing her own book (the first and only thing she has ever written) and reading all of the Babysitter Club books and anything else she could get her hands on. To continue with her love of reading, she got a degree in English where she quickly fell in love with contemporary lit. After graduation, while her husband attended law school, she read to keep herself company and what great company it was. Twenty years after she first started, she is still reading. She loves running Book Nook Club, which gives her the opportunity to read and review books she might never have picked up otherwise. She still loves young adult lit and contemporary lit but has recently fallen hard for historical fiction, Christian fiction, and crime/legal thrillers. You can check out her personal blog at

CEMEBR is a stay at home mom of 3 who loves to spend whatever free time she has getting lost in a book.  She has been an avid reader from a very early age often coming home from the library with 15 books at a time.  She loves all genres from fiction, to cookbooks, to history, but has a tendency to get stuck on a good author when she finds one.  Being exposed to new and different authors and genres will definitely be an exciting adventure!  Her children have already developed a love for reading so it's time for mom to step away from the baby books for a while and dive into new material.

DC Smarty Pants
DC Smarty Pants loves books and she always has. There is always a book in her purse, no matter how heavy the book may be, just in case there are five minutes to sneak in some reading. She will read anything that will expand her knowledge and provide entertainment but she especially loves a great mystery, particularly when it involves the military, any law enforcement agency, or centering around her passion of politics. In addition to mystery reads, favorites are historical fiction, memoirs, a little bit of chick-lit, young adult fiction, and Christian novels.

Lisa is a stay-at-home mother of two daughters from Missouri.  She has been married for six years and is a recent graduate of Lincoln University.  She holds a BS in Education for high school Social Sciences and is an active substitute teacher.  She started reading at age three and hasn’t ever stopped.  She loves books of all types and genres but her favorites are usually in the realm of fantasy or historical fiction.  She recently discovered the Nook e-reader and has watched it morph into an extension of her arm.  Outside the world of books, her interests are theater, dance, and art.  She is an avid museum junkie.  The Book Nook Club is her first blogging experience.

Marie enjoys a wide variety of books, and has often been guilty of choosing them based on their girth (the fatter the better, depending on the ruthlessness of the editor [the more ruthless the better]). She dislikes formula murder mysteries and political thrillers but sometimes reads them out of only the most dire desperation. Her favorite authors run the gamut of genres and include Kurt Vonnegut, Toni Morrison, John Irving, Paulo Coelho, Charles Dickens, Marian Keyes, Karen Kingsbury, Jane Austen, Carolly Erickson, Nancy E. Turner, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Pearl S. Buck, Terry Pratchett, Ken Follett, and Ann Patchett. Her least favorite writers include Mitch Albom, Nicholas Sparks, Dan Brown, Gabriel Garcia Cruz (with the single exception of Love in the Time of Cholera), and Stephen King. She can be nitpicky or forgiving depending on both subject matter and liberties taken by the writer concerned. She once aspired to write until she worked out that everyone else in the world also aspired to write, rather diluting the pool of talent. She is a huge fan of parentheses and semi-colons and isn't afraid to show it.

Nicole is a stay-at-home mom to two beautiful little boys. She has always loved to read, but rediscovered her passion for it upon having only babies to talk to for hours on end. Reading has become her escape! She mostly enjoys reading fiction, including YA, mysteries, crime and fantasy. Aside from reading, she is a singing teacher and an avid blogger.You can check out her personal blog here:

Nom De Plume
As with a lot of other avid readers, Nom de Plume has always been a bookworm. Like Britni she read the entire Babysitters Club Series (she liked “Stacy” best if you’re curious) and all the American Girl books (Samantha was the favorite there). Through college she found herself drawn to British Literature, specifically 19th and 20th century i.e Dickens, Wilde, Browning. However, her love of Young Adult Literature was rekindled as she started her teaching career. In a constant effort to encourage her students to read she started reading modern YA lit again with a vengeance.You’ll note that, as a reviewer, she tends to stay close to that comfort zone. She is slowly getting back to the classics and, in general, enjoys balancing the escapism of YA genre with the intellectualism of traditional literature.

Sarah K.
When it comes to a good book, Sarah K is open to pretty much everything from historical fiction to the fun new vampire series. The joy of reading is being able to experience so much variety! The English teacher in her loves Shakespeare, Austen, and Hemingway, but the eclectic reader in her loves Jodi Picoult, Charlaine Harris, Suzanne Collins, and Garth Stein among others.

Super Girl
Super Girl blogs and reviews anonymously from her fancy loft in downtown Detroit. Books have always been a part of her life, providing endless entertainment for an only child. Now, she loves fiction, particularly memoir, mystery, and the ever-popular chick-lit. She also loves a good bestseller, but really, she'll read anything with a plot that moves and characters that engage. When she's not reviewing on the Book Nook, she can be found occasionally blogging about life, love and Detroit at

USMCwife329 has a passion for the written word and loves to get lost in a good book. She is married to an officer in the US Marine Corps and has a Bachelor's Degree in English. Reading allows her to escape the pressures of deployments and also allows her to have some "me-time" every once and a while. Outside of reading, her interests range from playing with her dog Loki, flying airplanes, and writing her own masterpieces. While blogging for the Book Nook Club, she is also a guest contributer to the Blue Star Families blog.
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