What is the Book Nook?

It is simply a place for all book lovers to come share their views and reviews of the books they've read. Everyone is welcome to hop in on the discussion as a reader or as a reviewer.

How Do I Get A Book Reviewed on Book Nook?

Email us at booknookclub2@gmail.com with information about the book. We have 20 different reviewers with a variety of interests and we will do our best to match the book up with one of our reviewers.

What is your Review Policy?

The reviews you read on The Book Nook are the express written opinion of the person writing the review. It is not meant to be a full criticism as we are not professional book reviewers. We strive to provide short, simple reviews for a reader to decide if it is something that they would be interested in reading or not.

Who reviews the books?

The Book Nook reviewers aren't professionals, but they love books. They come from different walks of life and have come together because of their shared interest in books.

Right now there are 20 reviewers, but we're always growing. If you're interested in becoming our latest reviewer, look below under "How do I join the Book Nook as a book reviewer?"

How are books chosen to be reviewed?

Each Book Nook reviewer chooses which books they themselves want to read and review. Occasionally these books have been submitted and provided free by the publisher, but this is at the discretion of the individual reviewer. Mostly, the books you see reviewed here are simply the books that the reviewers find most interesting, or at least they thought they would be interesting. Since our reviewers have varying interests, we hope this provides a wide selection of book reviews to our readers.

What is the Book Nook's rating system?

Each Book Nook reviewer provides not only a concise review of the book, but also a rating of how well they liked it: anywhere from zero to five stars. On the right you will see a links to all the reviews within each star category.

How do I join the Book Nook as a book reviewer?

Joining is easy! Simply send an email to booknookclub2@gmail.com expressing why you wish to join. There are no minimum or maximum number of books you must review.

Can anyone add comments to a book review?

Yes! We welcome all comments, although they will be monitored for abusive and offensive content. We wish to keep comments lighthearted and pertaining to discussion of the book being reviewed.

The small print:

* All content uploaded to The Book Nook becomes property of the Book Nook and all information we use is believed to be accurate. If you have questions or concerns please contact us at booknookclub2@gmail.com.

* Upon occasion we will offer links to sites that we think may be of interest to fellow readers, but we cannot be held liable for the content of those sites.
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