March 21, 2012

Just A Minute by Wess Stafford

Do you remember that one moment (or maybe there were several) that changed your life when you were a child - and shaped part of who you are today?

Just a Minute by Wess Stafford, is a book about those moments and how each of us as adults can influence a child in just one moment, whether for the good or the bad. Children are like clay and so easily molded. As adults, we have the opportunity with every child we have contact with to encourage them or crush them, and it can all be in a small and simple moment.

Just a Minute touches on stories, both good and bad, that show the influence we all have on children. Each story is filled with wisdom and made me think about how I can help to encourage the children around me. Some stories made me cringe, some made me laugh and a few made me cry. But all of them reminded me of my individual influence.

Even if you don't read this book, just take a minute and think of how you can influence any child in your life, even strangers that you haven't met. If you see a mother struggling with her children in the grocery store, try to make that tantrum throwing toddler smile and help the mom. Or if you see a child looking dejected, give him encouragement and tell them that they are worth so much more than they think. Don't tell children that they are dreaming too big, encourage them!

There were parts of Just a Minute that I didn't love because I felt it was over the top, but overall, the message is spectacular and we all need to remember to build the children around us up and to never discourage them from being the best they can be. Every child is smart and beautiful and capable, they just need to be encouraged. I encourage you to take a moment and read the book!

I was given a complementary copy of this book for the purpose of my honest and unbiased opinion. post signature

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