February 14, 2012

On the Rim of Love by Marie Astor

Maggie has it all. She's beautiful, been accepted to Yale Law School, engaged to a superstar movie producer, and a talented photographer. But something is missing, herself. Ever since Maggie met fiance Jeffrey, she's been hiding from her true feelings and dreams because who wouldn't be in love with such a handsome and successful man.

One week after their engagement Jeffrey surprises Maggie with a two week skiing trip, just the two of them. Then it becomes the four of them as Jeffrey invites their best friends along. As soon as they arrive at the Ritz resort Maggie learns the real reason for the trip is for Jeffrey to do some pre-production work on a new skiing documentary he is shooting of a hot shot ski bum who lives in the area. Instead of the romantic vacation she envisioned, Maggie ends up with a lot of time alone to think, ski, photograph the surrounding area, and fall head over heels for that hot shot ski bum.

I won't give anything else away but you can probably figure out what happens next because well, On the Rim of Love was simply put, predictable. I really enjoyed the setting and the descriptions of the gorgeous mountainside but I found the story to be lackluster and the characters to be one-dimensional and lacking in depth. They were each written in a way that it was obvious whose side you should be on and which characters you should like and which characters were in the wrong. Take Jeffrey for example, an vengeful and arrogant producer who thinks his wife should stay at home while he makes the money, there wasn't one thing I liked about him. Same thing with most of the characters, they were either all good or all bad. When have you ever met anyone who didn't have one redeeming quality? It just felt flat and unrealistic to me.

If you're just looking for something to keep you entertained by the pool or at the beach for a few hours, this will do the job. Just don't expect to keep thinking about it or remembering the characters after you finish the last page. 3 stars.

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