February 28, 2012

The Endless Waltz by Jacob Marc Schafer

by Beth

Bret de la Cosa wants nothing more than to get on his ship and return home to his beloved fiancee, Isabella. Upon boarding his ship ready to take his Navigator duties, his Captain tells him about his retirement and Bret's promotion to Captain. This will allow Bret to buy his wife a proper house once they are married. Bret's future couldn't look any better.

But, Davey is watching. Davey Jones hates Bret's happiness and his good soul, so he goes after him. Bret's ship goes down in the open seas and Bret somehow ends up in Davey Jones's locker alive. Once Davey finds out that Bret is still alive, he sends The Flying Dutchman down to retrieve and kill him.

That's just the beginning of the story.

Bret is a good man. He helps others, is devout to God and his fiancee. His crew thinks highly of him and works hard for him. All he wants to do when he is trapped in The Locker is get back to Isabella. He meets anther man, Edward, who helps in The Locker while Captain Falkenburg of The Flying Dutchman hunts him. His adventures include marines, misguided clergy, a ghost crew and dragon.

This book was a fun and fast paced read. Like many these days, I also love the current pirate movies out there. This book puts an entirely different spin on the current stories. Bret is no Captain Jack Sparrow, who can get out of any situation, but an ordinary man put in extraordinary circumstances. Schafer's writing style is smooth and very descriptive. He does a nice job of painting the scenery. He especially did a fantastic job of what The Locker would look like. I would like to see more about Captain Falkenberg's fate as The Flying Dutchman's Captain as well as some of the stories from Bret's leather bag at the end. You'll have to read the book to find out about the leather bag.

I understand this book is in pre publishing stage, but would like to see it edited for spelling and grammar. Without those issues, this book will be a phenomenal read.

I give this book 3.5 start out of 5.

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