December 15, 2011

Hot Jazz & Cold Bodies in NOLA by John R McCormick

Monty Rake just got a transfer from the Baton Rouge police department to the New Orleans Special Investigations Unit.  But it wasn't until he arrived that he learned just what the SI Unit did... keep the city of New Orleans safe from abominations of all kinds.

The small SI Unit consists of only 5 people... 6 now that Monty joined their team.  They tend to see a quick turn around, since their job is rather deadly.  But so far, no one's had Monty's skills, brains or balls to fight against these monsters.  Vampires, werewolves (and other were-animals), and demons are just a few of the abominations that Monty faces, and befriends.

When the Unit takes a rogue vampire captive, in an effort to clean up the city of a particularly dirty coven of vampires, Monty also finds himself taking on a secret assignment.  Monty and the captive vampire, Darius, take a liking to one another and decide to cautiously share information.  Their unlikely friendship causes unexpected consequences and is one hell of a ride!

If you love fantasy books... vampires and the like... but are tired of the predictable, try this book.  It is ANYTHING but predictable.  This book is from a completely different perspective... the cops... the hunters... the guardians.  This book was fast paced and exciting throughout.  It was funny, sarcastic, nerve wrecking, dangerous and even sexy (without being gross).  The writing is really great and moves along nicely.  My only complaint was that it wrapped up a little too quickly.  As I read it on my kindle, I kept clicking the next page to see what else would happen... but when I looked down, I saw I was at 100%.  I didn't want it to be over!  That's a good sign.

5 Stars
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