November 20, 2011

Sweet Jiminy, by Kristen Gore

Sweet Jiminy Is Kristen Gore's third book. Having read the other two, I was excited to pick this one up, even though it's a departure from the author's usual humorous writing.

Plot: the novel opens with Jiminy being deeply unhappy and struggling with stress from law school. She chooses to leave her big city life behind and travel to Fayeville, Mississippi to stay with her grandmother. Upon arriving, she finds that the South is stuck in the 1960s. Her grandma's long-time help, Lyn, is still around and after just a few days it's clear that old wounds still haven't healed.

Characters: the characters were good, but none stood out to me as well-developed. I felt there was so much more that could have been explored with all of the characters, but the book was such a short read and there just wasn't time. Gore's other two books were a series, which offered ample time to really dig in to the characters.

While I found the book to be a pretty quick read, the characters fell short, the plot was a bit predictable and the ending just a little too "neat". 3 stars.

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