November 29, 2011

The Lost Angel by Javier Sierra

During the great flood the earth was cleansed of all but a few choice survivors, Noah and his family. Thousands of years later the earth is threatened by another life ending catastrophe and Julia Alvarez is the only one hope to stop it, but she doesn't know that yet. All she knows is that her husband Martin has been kidnapped by a terrorist group and that she must find and save him.

Javier Sierra's new book The Lost Angel is an apocalyptic thriller that is part Da Vinci Code part National Treasure part historical fiction. Julia Alvarez has a gift, she can use stones (adamants) to communicate with God, communication channels that haven't been opened since Noah used the same type of stones on his ark. Now that the stones have been found, everyone is after them - Julia's husband and friends, foreign "terrorists," and even the US government. The book is full of twists and turns as everyone seeks to find the adamants and put them to good use.

While I normally love these type of books this one just didn't hook me. I actually put it down (which I never do) three or four times before finally getting through it. While the story was interesting, I felt that it lacked focus and mystery. There were too many people involved that took away from the storyline rather than adding to it, and I just couldn't keep it all straight. The plot was also fairly straightforward from the beginning and missing the intrigue and detective work that I love in other books like Da Vinci Code. This was a decent read but could have been much better. 3 stars

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  1. Javier Sierra´s spanish-readers will enjoy this Spanish Author too: Gabri Ródenas and his NOAH´S BUNKER (EL BÚNKER DE NOÉ). He´s quite similar (and similar to Dan Brown too):


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