November 19, 2011

Fashioned by Faith by Rachel Lee Carter

Does what you wear matter?

I think we would all agree that yes, what we wear definitely matters. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has a boost of self-confidence when I do my hair, wear makeup, and actually put some effort into my outfit in the morning. And that my attention goes to people based on their wearing - some good and some bad attention.

In her new book, Fashioned by Faith, international model Rachel Lee Carter explores the question of "Can you look great and still honor God?" And her resounding answer is yes and she gives a number of examples from her own career on why she truly believes you can dress well while still dressing modestly.

Fashioned by Faith is mainly written for young women to help them understand why they should dress modestly while it seems that women who dress immodestly are the ones who get all the attention. The book is split into nine chapters that each focus on a specific element of fashion and dressing modestly including why you should dress modestly and tips for doing so. Each of those chapters is then split into four sections - a young man's thoughts on modest young women, a section of Rachel's thoughts and experiences, a section about God's thoughts on the subject, and finally a section with questions for the reader to answer with their own thoughts.

I think that this book was well-written and would be helpful for its specific audience. I think it could be a helpful tool for a parent trying to help their young woman understand why they don't have to show off their boob, butt, or belly to get attention. The layout makes it very easy to read, and I actually found Rachel's stories of her modeling career fascinating to see the different types of shoots she'd gotten to experience. And it was enlightening to see that there is at least one successful model at there who refuses to model lingerie and clothes that flaunt her body. I'd recommend this book for young women and parents of young women, but if you don't fit that demographic, not sure it's really that useful of a book. 4 stars.

**I received a free copy of this book to review through the Book Sneeze blogger review program. 
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  1. "Fashioned by Faith" details Rachel's struggles, revelations and convictions regarding her modest clothing all while working in the fashion industry. Rachel brings her experience from the fashion world to offer creative and practical suggestions that combine modesty and a great look. Each chapter of this 203 page book includes direct quotes from young men and from Rachel, herself. It's important that women of all ages realize how important it is to honor God with all they do. Women should take special care to protect their bodies and men should take special care to respect women's bodies. Rachel shares many stories about how difficult it is to work in her industry while not being willing to bare her body. She encourages young woman to set boundaries and not cross them, no matter how much pressure.


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