October 30, 2011

The Lost Hours by Karen White

I picked this up because I had a few minutes before an appointment and it was the only book nearby.  I started it thinking well I'll read some of it now and finish it some other time.  I ended up being so engrossed that I was late for my appointment!  And I finished it in the next 24 hours. 

The Lost Hours begins with Piper Mills, a once world renowned equestrian, who is dealing the with recent death of her grandfather.  Her parents died when she was six and Piper moved in with her grandparents.  Her grandmother developed Alzheimer's and at the time of her grandfathers death, is living in a nursing home.  Her grandfather's lawyer stops by after the funeral and hands Piper something he's been holding at the request of her grandparents - an angel charm and an old key.  He also has a message, her grandmother has a story that Piper needs to learn.

The book is a tribute to mothers, to daughters, to best friends, and to women in general.  I found myself thinking of the things and stories I have to tell my own daughters and how important it is that we give our histories to the next generation.  There were some situations in the book that were almost too perfect-fit but the mystery and the interrelational dynamics are so engrossing it's completley forgivable.

4 stars!  Recommended for adults.
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