September 9, 2011

The Warrior Heir by Cinda Williams Chima

I have read a lot of YA fantasy.  A lot.  Some of it is exceptional and I can't wait to get someone else to read it and others are extremely mediocre and dull.  Where does The Warrior Heir fall?  Somewhere in the middle.  Was it OMG awesome?  No.  Did I read it in two sittings? Yes.  Will I read more from this author and most likely finish the series?  When I think about it.

The story follows Jack, a 16 year old from Ohio.  He's nothing special and the only thing odd about him is that he has to take a pill everyday for a heart surgery he had as a baby.  One day Jack doesn't take his medicine and he feels stronger, more aggressive, more confident, and all around better.  But, he loses control and almost kills another student at soccer practice.  Enter Jack's odd Aunt Linda, who bares news about Jack - he's Weirlind; part of a magical people.  He's the center of The Game, the war platform for the two sects of wizards.  The Game pits two Warriors against each other in a gladiator like battle - winner takes control of all the Weirlind.  And guess who is the very last warrior?  That's right - Jack.

Overall, this was a fun, simple read without any huge themes or difficult subject matter.  It is straight YA popcorn (light, fluffy, eaten by the handful).  If it sounds interesting to you, go for it!  You'll enjoy it but it probably won't rock your world.  It did have some interesting aspects and I think if she ever wanted to expand the story fully it could be a fantastic adult fantasy.

 I would recommend this for teens and preteens.  Adults - it's something fun to read that's quick, entertaining, and with little depth. 

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