September 28, 2011

The Platinum Loop by Austin Williams

Set in 1973, The Platinum Loop by Austin Williams is a new novel scheduled for release in November 2011. Desperate and broke, low-class film producer Gene saves celebrity paraphernalia hustler Floyd in Vegas as he's getting beat up for a deal gone sour. Floyd talks Gene into returning to his Hollywood accommodations to see the best item in his collection - the platinum loop, a raunchy home movie of Marilyn Monroe with some unknown man. Unfortunately the platinum loop isn't all that Floyd made it out to be and Gene and Floyd spend the next few weeks trying to put together something that their rich buyer will purchase. 

And that's your story. Two not so great guys get together to fake a home movie of one of the world's biggest stars doing unspeakable things so that they can sell it to an abusive and perverted man in Tijuana. Not only didn't like the idea behind the plot, I didn't like any of the characters. At no point while I was reading did I think, oh I want these guys to succeed. It was more like, I hate people that lie and scam others. This book may be right for someone, but it wasn't for me. 2 stars.


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