September 24, 2011

Evermore by Alyson Noel

I picked Evermore up for four dollars at my local Hastings simply because I have seen many people reading it and wondered what all the fuss was about.  This is the first in an ongoing series and I'm pretty sure there are currently seven books in this series and a spin off series featuring one of the characters.

Where to begin?  This novel is definitely YA - not that it's a bad thing but the writing is simple, the story is simple, the action sequences are simple - well you get the picture. 

Sixteen-year old Ever is the only survivor of a horrible car crash that kills her family.  She moves from Oregon to LA to live with an estranged aunt.  She is an outcast at her new school and turns inward, ignoring everyone else.  That is until, Damen shows up.  He's the new, incredibly gorgeous, very mysterious guy who miraculously shows an interest in Ever.  But Ever knows there is something weird about him but she can't put her finger on it.  He's too beautiful, moves too fast, seems to be able to read her mind, and pulls red tulips out of thin air.  As she gets to know Damen, she is thrust into a world where immortals are real and she's deeply involved - although not in the way you expect. 

So here's the gist.  Good story, lots of potential - especially when you get to the explanations at the end of the book - but while reading this, I seriously thought I was reading a different version of Twilight.  It's so similar Stephanie Meyer could probably sue Noel and win.  It's not until the end that you get a differing plot line.  I have high hopes for the next books in this series but if it continues to be a Twilight doppelganger I will move on. 

Overall, decent read.  3 stars.  Read for a quick fantasy YA or if you love Twilight.  Adults and Teens.

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  1. From reading your explanation I immediately thought "Twilight" too. I mean, enough already. One girl has a brilliant idea to bring the supernatural into teens hearts and now everyone's gotta do it? ugh. Just like with Hush, Hush and with Shiver. Fallen Angels, Wolves, Vampires... it's over done. I'm over it.


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