September 15, 2011

All You Can Eat by Richard Harlan Miller

Darius is a distinguished gentleman.  He enjoys the finer things in life, like the opera and a robust glass of wine.  He is a member of the online dating network, He@rt, but not for the purpose of meeting his next love... more like meeting his next lunch.  Darius is a vampire.

Through He@rt, Darius meets Susan and is instantly attracted to her persona.  She is snappy and smart, not like the usual ladies he "dates".  He realizes that there is a true connection made with her.

Luke, an old time vampire friend, comes into town and Darius finds himself babysitting him yet again.  Over the course of their years as friends, Luke has gotten them into plenty of trouble, and Darius sees him more as a nuisance than a true comrade.  Luke hears of an upcoming party and is determined to get Darius to go along.

The party is an ongoing gathering of today's "hippies" or "greenies".  All these modern day flower children getting together, strumming their guitars, tapping bongos, sleeping in tents and smoking a whole lot of pot.  This would be the perfect opportunity to have a little fun and feed freely.  The pair find themselves in a spot of trouble when they find out that old vampire Dimitri is behind the feeding frenzy... creating a sort of harvest.  Now not only are Darius and Luke in trouble, but so is Susan!

In all honesty, I didn't love this book.  I felt it to be confusing at times and didn't begin to move until half way through.  I didn't even realize that Darius and Dimitri were 2 different characters for a while... they sounded similar.  The character voices were not well defined and I had to keep retracing dialogue to figure out who said what.  I though Darius' character had a few personalities... at times he was serious, sometimes annoyed, but then for a while he's really silly and witty.  Although it was funny, it seemed out of character.  However, even with the negative, the prose was beautiful.

2 stars.

I received this e-book free of charge for the purpose of this review.  These are my honest thoughts. 


  1. Just finished reading this for our shop. Strange. Funny. More of a book about people than vampires. As you said, beautifully written, with a twisted sense of humor. Can't say I had a problem telling the characters apart though. And it seemed natural that Darius might speak differently when talking to different people. I think that's part of his survival mechanism.

  2. Stephen-

    Glad you enjoyed the book and Darius' chameleon-like personality. Hopefully we'll see an order from your shop? And Nicole, thanks for the review. It's the beauty of the language that made this one stand out to us. Very excited for the release in a couple of weeks.


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