August 24, 2011

Sisters, College, and Textbook Rentals

My little sister is starting college next month. I still can't believe it. I've been helping her pick out classes, decorations for her apartment, and telling her all sorts of fun stories about my college days. While she was here last we went through all of my books, including all of my old textbooks, to figure out what I should keep and what I should sell at our garage sale this week.

I had no idea how much space my textbooks were taking up in my apartment. Textbooks that I paid hundreds of dollars for and will never look at again. Let's just say the majority of those will end up at my garage sale this weekend where I'll either sell them for about 5% of what they are worth or donate them to Goodwill for free.

Now you don't have to buy your textbooks - you can rent them! Yes, you read that right, you can rent your textbooks at Not only is there free shipping for books both ways, they also donate to Operation Smile with each rental. Definitely something I wish I'd known about when I was going to school, probably would have saved me quite a bit of money and space.


  1. Check out this site for selling your books:
    The more RARE your books are, the more they'll pay for them. You know, novels wont sell, but text books usually do. I sold a bunch of mine and made over $200!! It's worth a look!

  2. I agree with you, to save lots of money we can easily Rent Textbooks from any online resources its quite easy and hassle free.


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