August 10, 2011

I, Spy? by Kate Johnson

I, Spy? by Kate Johnson is the first of four in the Sophie Greene series.  Sophie is a young twenty-something working in a dead end job, living day to day in her mundane life.  She works for Ace Airlines, behind the desk, collecting tickets and checking out her sexy co-worker, Luca all day.

It isn't until Sophie ends up at the wrong place at the wrong time that she finds herself in the middle of a scandal involving murder, money laundering and sabotage.  After demonstrating that she's a quick thinker with tons of wit, she is recruited as a secret agent.  She doesn't even know which end of a gun to point, yet she finds herself seducing, chasing and capturing the bad guys for her new kick-ass job.

This book is so much fun!  It's filled with laugh out loud moments and fun cinerios... some sexy too.  This is the perfect light read that isn't your typical cookie-cutter romance.  I'd like to read another Sophie Greene adventure in the near future.

4 stars

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