July 1, 2011

The Playful and Powerful Warrior Within You by GJ Reynolds

The Playful and Powerful Warrior Within You is written by a man who has been to the rock bottom and back. He's been on the brink of suicide and crawled his way back to the top. This book shares his inspiring story as he found a way to find the playful and powerful warrior inside of himself as well as how you can find that warrior in yourself as well.

I chose to read this book because the title caught my eye. I've seen, read, and reviewed numerous self-help books but this was one of the first that put an emphasis on being playful in your lives. If you hadn't noticed already, my blogging name is Playful Professional and my personal blog is talenttoplay.blogspot.com. If it isn't obvious enough, I like to play. And being your best self by adding playfulness back into your life intrigued me because I 100% agree with that idea.

While I agree with the idea and think that the book had a lot of potential as a concept, I feel it fell flat in the structure. Each of the chapters focuses on one specific element to find the warrior within you - things like being authentic, forgiving yourself, and having fun and enjoying the journey along the way. All great ideas that I'm sure would be very helpful but the chapters were filled with so much text that rather than enjoying the journey, I got bored.

Pictures, quotes, practical applications would go a long way to help this book be not only more enjoyable to read but more useful for real life. Being given reasons for why you should be authentic are great but I want to know ideas and ways to be authentic rather than the false version of me that everyone expects. I will say that at the end of the chapter the author includes a couple of practical applications for each idea but because of that and the heavy amounts of text only in each chapter, I found myself wanting to skip to the end of each chapter.

So overall this was an okay book that could have been great. Great idea, poor execution. 3 stars.

I received a free copy of this book to review.

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