July 5, 2011

Kings of Colorado by David E. Hilton

How many times do you look back at times in your life and ask what if?

William Sheppard stabbed his father in the chest when he was thirteen. What happens after is a series of incidents that beg for the age old question, what if? After stabbing his father, Will is sent to the Swope Ranch Boy's Reformatory, a prison disguised as a ranch known for breaking wild horses. Set in the middle of the Colorado mountains, no one thinks of escaping Swope, just of surviving. It takes Will just a few months before he find the best kind of friends, ones that stick with you forever. Together, these four teenage boys try to find a way to make it out of Swope in one piece in the midst of violence-happy guards, teenage gang leaders, and wild horses.

I won't tell you anything else about what happens other than to say this book was fantastic. Like Hunger Games, this is a story about boys fighting for survival, a story that while heart-breaking and a little disturbing, I just couldn't stop reading. The sense of friendship and brotherhood that David Hilton develops is almost tangible and one that I'll definitely remember. My only complaint would be that since this book is set in a boy's reformatory, there is a lot of language and violence, actually too much language in my opinion that could have been done without. Other than the language, this is an incredible read and one I thoroughly enjoyed. 4 stars (lost one star for the language).

*I received a free copy of this book to review. The review is my honest opinion of the book.

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