June 28, 2011

Title Intentionally Withheld

I am withholding the title of this book for the moment because I believe it is a confusing one. I will reveal the title shortly, I promise.

This book is a chronologically arranged collection of short biographies of Historical figures, 365 of them to be exact. Each biography is one page long, with footnotes of interest and occasional illustrations. From Khufu to Bhutto, they're categorized as Leaders, Philosophers, Innovators, Villains, and more. Many are familiar, some not so much, but all are fascinating. The writers were fairly objective with controversial and religious figures.

I keep this book on my nightstand. I don't read it daily, but I do pick it up frequently and often use it as a reference tool. It came in especially handy when I was watching the series Rome. I've found it to be fascinating, helpful, and enlightening.

So what is this book called? The Intellectual Devotional: Biographies, by David S. Kidder and Noah D. Oppenheim. I withheld the title because while it is technically a correct title, I'm afraid it gives the wrong impression. People are accustomed with seeing the word "devotional" attached to books offering religious meditations, and there is nothing religious about this book. I didn't want this aspect of the title to cause anyone not religiously inclined to skip this post.

I received a copy of this book for the purpose of review.

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