June 14, 2011

Revelations by Laurel Dewey

Sergeant Detective Jane Perry is cynical and angry. She feels like her life is shifting out of control and it only gets worse when her doctor gives her frightening news. Jane decides to take time off work and goes to the police station to leave notice of her absence, but she runs into her colleague and former boss, who has already committed the two of them to a case in the small, upscale town of Midas, Colorado. A fifteen year old boy, Jake, has gone missing and all signs are indicating that Jordan Copeland, a man just out of prison after serving time for a heinous crime, is involved in the disappearance. No ransom has been demanded but packages are being delivered to Jake's parents and to the town police chief. The packages are full of riddles and make no sense to anyone. It is up to Jane to determine the meaning of the packages.

The clues in the packages hint that Jake is still alive but that time is getting short. As Jane begins to investigate Jake's disappearance, she begins to uncover secrets around the town of Midas, some of which are deadly secrets. In the midst of the case, the owner of the town bar, Hank, manages to inch his way into Jane's life and under the wall she has built to protect herself from being hurt. The case, Jane's personal demons, Hank, and odd encounters with Jordan Copeland force Jane to deal with her past, and future.

In my opinion, the story is captivating and the suspense kept me reading very late into the night, several nights in a row. The characters were very interesting and I enjoyed the fact that the surprises kept rolling in. However, I felt that the story was overpowered by an overabundance of profanity and graphic descriptions. I realize that in a crime scene type novel that descriptions are important but, in my opinion, it went overboard at times. I was especially bothered by the complete overuse of profanity. I can look past a few words in the book but not when it is all over the place, especially when it is unnecessary. The profanity and graphic descriptions ruined the book for me. If they had been toned down, I would have probably really enjoyed the book. Overall, I can only give the book 3 stars.

I received a review copy of this book for free.


  1. You have literally got to be kidding me. You admit that the book kept you reading into the night but you gave it three stars because of language and "graphic" descriptions??

    I read this book (along with Dewey's first two in the Jane Perry series) and it rocked big time. Probably one of the best books I've read in awhile. You realize, don't you, that this is a crime thriller which means that you're going to have "graphic" descriptions and maybe some language?? I mean, this is not some cheesy romance novel.

    Seriously, this book has depth and purpose and for you to give it three stars is just insane to me.

  2. I totally support the comment by Jessica Froska, above! This is the best book I have read in many a year! I would, without any doubt give it the full five stars.


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