June 1, 2011

The Fine Art of Insincerity, by Angela Hunt

I'm excited to participate in today's blog tour for The Fine Art of Insincerity. Even though I'm posting a tad late in the day!

The book released on May 3 and I received a copy late last week.

Plot: We meet Ginger, Rose, and Penny as they are preparing to converge on their grandmother's house to sort items and prepare it for sale. Each woman is bringing some baggage to the girls' weekend. As the weekend unfolds, the reader sees both the internal thoughts and struggles of the sisters, as well as their external personas -- and the vast differences between the two.

Characters: The three sisters are central to the story, and while there are husbands and ex-husbands and future husbands peppered throughout the book, it's the sisters that carry it. Though related, it's clear there are tensions among them that go back decades. At times I wanted to shake one or more of them for how they treated one another. Each character has a depth that, I think, would make excellent fodder for a book club.

Structure: There are chapters, but within each there are sections told from the perspective of one sister. I've enjoyed this style when employed in other books and this one is no different. So often a single narrator can limit the perspective of the reader. Having multiple narrators allowed me to understand the thoughts and feelings of all of the characters and allowed me to see how they portray themselves in front of one another versus how they truly feel inside.

This was a light, quick read that offered several deep messages and themes, including religion, divorce (and the interplay of the two!), sisterhood, and family. A great book to load in your beach bag or offer up as a book club pick this summer. 4 stars.

**While I received a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes, my thoughts are all my own.**

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