May 12, 2011

Tortured for Christ by Richard Wurmbrand

In Tortured for Christ, Pastor Richard Wurmbrand writes about his horrifying experiences while imprisoned in a Communist jail for 14 years.  His crime?  Telling others the truth about Jesus.

Pastor Richard Wurmbrand lived in Romania while the Nazi's siezed control and the Russians enforced Communism.  Although preaching, fellowshipping, singing hymns and helping others was strictly prohibited, he continued to do it in the secret Underground Church until he was captured and sent to prison.  But not even prison could restrain his love for Christ.  He continued to preach and save people while in prison, knowing full well that he would be tortured later for his "crimes".

The first part of this book speaks about the atrocities that he encountered, while the second half gives hope and begs for help.  He passionately speaks against Communism and implores help from the West.  He speaks of many martyrs as well as survivors.

While this book is only 160 some pages long, it's content is so heavy, that I could only read a bit at a time.  As a Christian, I was convicted by reading the testimonies of these martyrs who gave it ALL up for Christ.  I was ashamed at how cozy some of us Americans are... with our freedom of religion... while Christians around the world are dying, or worse, being tortured for singing a praise song or reciting a Bible verse!

A few things to remember while reading this book:  It was written in the 60's.  Politically, things were different back then.  In America, things were different too.  Personally, I don't know just how much aid Communist countries were receiving or what we were or weren't doing to help.  Wurmbrand speaks rather harshly to us Americans.  But, we haven't seen the horrors that he has witnessed first hand.  It's no wonder he's a little bitter towards us!

I give this book 4 stars.  While the story is riveting, it is also repetitive.  He speaks A LOT about what we need to do to fight the Communists.

To find out more about Wurmbrand and his work around the world, visit:

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  1. I read this in third grade - isn't that crazy? I checked it out of the school library and read it. I must say that it stuck with me. And I would consider that a positive, as I was aware from an early age just how blessed we are to be in a free country and that not everyone has that freedom.


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