May 18, 2011

Snowflake Obsidian: Memoir of a Cutter by The Hippie

A while ago I reviewed Cardboard, basically a diary of a woman trapped in the vicious cycle of an eating disorder. Snowflake Obsidian reminded me of that book and the feelings brought to mind when I read that book, feelings of gratitude and love for my life and myself. Snowflake Obsidian is the memoir of a college-aged Mormon girl named Willow who lives her life how she wants to live it. In true hippie style, she's free-spirited and happy. Until she meets River, the boy of her dreams who changes all of that. Life is glorious with River until he turns to drugs and finds happiness in the beauty that drugs bring rather than the true beauty of life that he discovered with Willow.

When Willow loses River, her life takes a turn for the worse; she's no longer the free-spirited happy girl she once was. She dyes her hair black, won't go out with her friends, and worst of all, turns to cutting herself to feel something once again. The second half of the book is a little dark, depressing, and very real as Willow tries to find her way back to that happy place she once knew, or at least a place that's safe from the harm she's doing to herself.

I won't ruin the rest of the book for you, but this is definitely a worthwhile read, even more so knowing that it is a memoir of the author herself. Everyone goes through tough times in their lives, and I have full admiration for The Hippie who put hers down on paper to share with the world how she went from, as she puts it, a caterpillar to a butterfly. I didn't love the book, but it kept me reading to see what happened and if Willow ever did make it out of that dark cocoon. 3 stars.

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  1. Sounds interesting ... having had more than my share of experience with depression and some of the ugliness that it brings, I would how it would be to read that story.

    I'll stick it on the "maybe" list.


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