April 22, 2010

Disrupting Grace, by Kristen Richburg

I received a free copy of Disrupting Grace to review.

Disrupting Grace is the true story of Kristen Richburg and her family. After two children, her doctors told her a third pregnancy would be too risky, so Kristen and her family chose to adopt. They adopted a little girl from Thailand, and over the course of five years, they worked to welcome their new family member.

The road was not what any of them expected. Staying grounded in their faith, the Richburg family made the difficult decision to relinquish their daughter. The book is a fascinating account of the other side of adoption -- the side that doesn't end in happily ever after.

First, let's get a few things out of the way since I am relatively new here at the Nook. I'm not one for Christian novels/books. Not that I'm not Christian or religious -- in fact, I am -- it's just that it has never been a genre I've been particularly interested in.

So, one may ask why I chose this book.

Several years ago, I had a kidney transplant due to a genetic illness I was born with. As I've pondered my options for starting a family, adoption has always been in the mix. I'm still years away from any decisions, and I haven't done a ton of research on the subject. But, I felt this book might be a good start because I was intrigued by its unique viewpoint. I wasn't disappointed.

Enough about me -- onto the review!

Plot: Another confession: non-fiction and I aren't good friends. But as I've mentioned, this plot really interested me and it sucked me in from the start. I have never heard of an adoption gone awry, and it makes me wonder if it's a more common truth than we realize. As a potential adopter, I also believe it's critical to hear stories from all sides and this story truly fills a void.

Characters: I really felt for Kristen and her family. I understood where they were coming from, and yet I can't imagine the range of emotions they went through. I actually wish it would have been a full family experience -- with perspectives from Kristen's husband and her two biological children. Told from Kristen's point of view, it covered their emotions, but I'm sure there's so much more that only they could tell.

Structure: The structure was fantastic. At a short 136 pages, it was a quick read. Kristen also structured the chapters in a digestible way that left me wanting to keep reading. Her writing was simple and very effective. Instead of clogging the book with flowery writing or too many facts, Kristen shares her story in a way that made me feel like she was telling it over coffee at my kitchen table.

Overall, a good book for anyone interested in something a little different, and a must-read for anyone considering adoption. 5 stars.

Disclaimer: While I received a copy of the book free of charge, I was not paid for the review. My thoughts are all my own!


  1. this one is awesome! thanks for sharing...

  2. Thank you for writing this and for letting us know about the "other side." Adoption is something that has always been in the back of my mind, so I will definitely be checking this one out.

    And welcome to Book Nook Club!


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