August 17, 2009

Faith and Pop Culture (Christianity Today Study Series)

This book is a bit different than one that I would usually review. It's more of a discussion guide on the issue than anything, intended to provide the meat for group discussion.

Faith and Pop Culture is divided into 8 chapters, ranging from sports to television to movies with questionable content to violent video games. In each section, there was an article that would provide the jumping off point for the discussion, which would be followed by ice breaker activities, discussion questions, and relevant scriptural references.

I think that the issues in this book are ones that we need to be discussing. While the older generations in today's church gravitate towards the Hollywood-is-bad mentality, the younger ones gravitate towards the Hollywood-is-cool mindset. Neither is correct, and as Christians we need to come to a Biblical understanding on how we can/must relate to pop culture. This issue is not going to go away anytime soon.

While I don't know that I agree with where some of the articles were heading (particularly the one addressing "Must all entertainment Christians enjoy be 'family friendly'?" seemed to leave out the idea of worldview) I believe that these are a great place to start a discussion on these issues. If I were to lead a discussion on these issues, I probably would use this book and supplement it with articles/books with other view points. Regardless, these are issues that should not be ignored.

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