August 31, 2009

Coming Attractions by Robin Gunn

I was given a copy of Coming Attractions by Robin Gunn to review by the publisher as part of a blog tour. The first thing I noticed when I got the book was that it was part of a series, the Katie Weldon series. I don't know about you, but I'd never heard of that series (or Gunn's other series, the Christy Miller series) before so I was intrigued. I'm a sucker for a good series so I was pretty excited when I first started reading the book.

And I was still excited the next day when I got to the last page of the book and Gunn left the ending somewhat open, like there will be another book in this series. I'm not sure if that's true or not, but if it is, I'll definitely pick it up.

Coming Attractions is about Katie Weldon. She's a senior in college, has great friends, the perfect boyfriend, and everything all laid out in straight lines to where she eventually wants to go. The problem is that Katie doesn't really like straight lines, she likes wavy ones. With the help of God and a boyfriend a little too eager to get married when he learns about her large inheritance, Katie figures out how to get back to the life she wants to lead instead of the one she thought she was supposed to.

Gunn's writing is easy to understand and read, her characters are extremely relatable (who hasn't wished their life were more spontaneous and less planned out), and the story moves along quickly. The only part of the book that could have been improved for me was that the plot was fairly predictable, but it ends happy, which I couldn't complain about. I knew what was going to happen from reading the back cover and the first chapter of the book.

With all of its positives and negatives, this is a good read if you have even a little bit of free time. Nothing ground-breaking, but a good positive story to help remind you to follow your heart even if it doesn't seem like the best decision to everyone else. 4 stars.

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